Oh Hi There!

It’s been a while, seriously.

It has been a wonderful break, but I’m keen to get back into writing after such a long hiatus.

Back in the day, I thought that traveling and writing blog posts at the same time would be something I could do and would enjoy, but shit I was wrong! Looking back at all the time I spent sitting behind a computer rather than living in the present and enjoying my vacation makes me sad, considering all the time I sit behind a computer now at work when I’d kill to be anywhere but in the office.

My travel blogging game plan is to live in the moment while I’m traveling, and not rushing to the computer to write a new post. Instead, I’ll make notes and create the blog posts later when I’m home from my holiday. I don’t think I’ll even pack my computer on my next trip!

I’ve been lazy and have procrastinated long enough and need to get back into blogging and remember why I started this blog in the first place – for FUN. There were times I fantasized about having one of those travel blogs where I could quit my job and travel for free forever but there is no frickin’ way I could do that and stay sane at the same time, so props to the bloggers who do it because I sure as hell couldn’t.

What I’m excited for in 2015:

  • Celebrating my fifth dating-versary with my boyfriend whew!
  • Celebrating my 25th birthday on January 30th what what!
  • Attending a women’s only snowboard camp in Whistler, British Columbia next weekend. Pow pow!
  • Taking an avalanche safety course to get me out into the backcountry finally!
  • Ditching work for a month to live it up in my favourite country, New Zealand! More to come on that.

Well that covers about three months of 2015, I’ll have to come up with some more things ;)

Here’s to 2015 – I hope it’s a good one :)

What are you looking forward to in 2015?


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Why You Should Visit Whistler In The Summer


Why You Should Visit Whistler This Summer

When you think of Whistler, powder days and unreal skiing come to mind. But have you ever wondered what goes on when ski season is over? A lot, which makes Whistler a great place to visit any time of the year – especially in the summer.

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Travel Bites: Mango Sticky Rice


Mango Sticky Rice


While travelling through Thailand, nothing could hold me back from buying a plate of Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Neow Mamuang).

No matter the time of day or even if I was full – if there was mango sticky rice to be had, I would have to have it!

The combination of sticky, slightly chewy rice covered with a sweet coconut concoction and topped with mango… ok, maybe that sounds a bit weird for a Western palate, but you’d better believe that it is insanely delicious and addictive.

I took a cooking class in Chiang Mai at Thai Orchid Cookery School and part of the reason why I took the class was because mango sticky rice was on the menu! Things seemed difficult though – the rice was steamed in a bamboo basket for what seemed like forever and really… ain’t nobody got room for big bamboo steaming baskets in their tiny Western kitchens (and they seem like a b*tch to clean afterwards)!

Enter the easiest, cleanest and fool-proof way to make the most magical dessert in the world…

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Luang Prabang, Laos: Sights & Suggestions


Luang Prabang

The former capital of Laos and a UNESCO World Heritage City – was a city I was super excited to visit. After reading much about it in our guidebook and hearing from other travellers, it sounded like an awesome place to spend a few days checking out the sights and relaxing…

…And getting a lovely case of food poisoning!

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Trekking in Luang Namtha, Laos


Trekking in Luang Namtha, Laos

Trekking is the “thing to do” while in Luang Namtha, thanks to its close proximity to Nam Ha National Park. There are many different companies offering tours ranging from one night to several nights. You can also do combination trekking/kayaking tours – which is what we ended up doing.

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